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Supporting Movement Arts of Chico is imperative for our future survival as a non-profit arts organization and success!

All contributions in the form of volunteer input, material donations and technical assistance is really what holds us together. 


We are ran and operated by volunteers who feel passionate about our mission of growing and supporting the arts in Chico.  Perhaps you also feel passionate about what we do and would like to contribute your support?

We have some ideas on how you can help our organization; thank you for looking! 

In-Kind Donations 🔖

In order to operate our space:

- Paper Towels 

- Toilet Paper 

- Cleaning Supplies (glass cleaner, wood floor cleaner)

- Paper cups for water dispenser 

GoFundme: A Better Subfloor 💃🏻

We have been able to transform the space, a 1700 square foot room with a concrete floor, into an attractive multi-use facility. Though we have a laminate surface over the concrete floor, our most immediate need is to install a resilient subfloor designed to provide a high level of shock absorption for movement and dance. This is the bottom line for protection from injuries for our dancers and martial artists. It will allow us to market the space more widely for active use.

Learn more here

Capoeira Scholarship Fund 💸

One of our main goals is to be able to offer classes to students who can benefit the most. We have not started the grant-writing process yet for creating a scholarship fund for our Capoeira Youth classes, but would like to begin now.  Please contact us directly if interested in donating. 

Movie Night Director 🎥

Do you have a love of international cinema? 

We would like to show international films every month at Movement Arts of Chico. We are looking for a volunteer who also shares a passion for foreign films and the insights they can share with our community. You would be working in collaboration with our Artistic Director and would have a lot of creative freedom in organizing these events. 

Please contact us directly if interested. 

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