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Sound Healing

Has drumming ever been a part of your healing journey?

Drumming is known to have a profound effect on our brains and take us into deep states of meditation.

Our brains are continually producing measurable electrical activity, or pulses of neurons communicating with each other. These pulses occur in bursts, ranging from slow to fast. Brain waves are measured in Hertz, or cycles per second.

There is a spectrum of 5 types of brain waves; Gamma (30hz and greater, sometimes up to 100), beta (14-30hz), alpha (9-13hz), theta (4-8hz), and delta (4hz and below).

We are in gamma waves when we are at a high point of concentration, or intensely focused. In contrast we are in delta waves when we are in deep rest, and sleeping.

Drumming has been shown to lower our brainwaves into theta waves, which are measured on an EEG as 4-8hz. When we are in theta we are in deep meditation. This is how drumming can allow us to feel in a trance like state, or feel altered. Most people feel very relaxed in theta waves, although sometimes might feel energized. This is a state in which participants report having intuitive or spiritual downloads, and are called to take a deeper dive into ones own spiritual journey. This is intended to be a time of expansion and movement into a personal and unique voyage of the self.

-Kristiana| Sound Healing & Tantra Yoga

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