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Capoeira Batizado !

ASCAB Capoeira Chico is having their yearly event and it is gonna be one for the record books!

For those unaccustomed batizado means baptism, and it is when you get your first cord in capoeira. For those who already have a cord they participate in a troca de cordoes, where they change to the next cord. It is a time to come together as a capoeira community and take workshops with well known capoeiristas to learn and foster new friendships.

This year, not only are we having the head of our group Mestre Doutor. We are having two of our strongest and best come to help with the event as well, Mestre Jeromin and Mestra Gata Brava.

We will have workshops on Friday August 11th and Saturday August 12th, with the batizado or cording ceremony itself happening on Saturday. There will be more info to follow, but we would love to see you all there!



FRIDAY August 11th: 6pm followed by open roda

SATURDAY August 12th Workshops at 11am, 12 pm and 1 pm

KIDS (ages 4-6)

FRIDAY August 11th: 4:30 pm

SATURDAY August 12th 9:30 am

KIDS (ages 7+)

FRIDAY August 11th: 5 pm

SATURDAY August 12th 10 am, 3 pm


SATURDAY, August 12th at 4 pm

*Open to the public*

Confirmed Guests: Mestre Doutor Mestre Jeromin Mestra Gata Brava Mestre Calango (UCA) Contra Mestre Palhaco Contra Mestre Coqui Contra Mestre Bode (Agua De Beber) Contra Mestre Caxias (Agua De Beber) Professor Feriado (Capoeira Batuque) Professor Forca (Agua De Beber) Professor Tatu (Agua De Beber) Formada Magrela Formada Pandora Instrutor Tako Polvo (UCA)


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